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Aleksandra  Witkowska
Tłumacz przysięgły jęz. angielskiego
translator interpreter consultant
Edinburgh Castle

Polish English Translator  

I am a sworn Polish English translator living in Edinburgh. I carry out translation work throughout the UK and further afield. I also work as an interpreter. I have over 15 years experience in translation and interpreting for British, Irish, American, Polish, and other European clients.

Sworn Translation

As a Sworn Translator [Polish: Tlumacz przysiegly] I hold permission to translate for official institutions. In order to obtain the licence I had to swear an oath binding me to perform the job diligently and according to their code of ethics.

Legal Translation

I translate legal documents including birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, court decisions, medical records and educational certificates. I also work with Notaries in the UK and assist them in their legal work with Polish clients. It should be noted that a sworn translation is sometimes referred to as legal or certified.

I have translated thousands of pages from Polish into English and vice versa. I regularly verify the translation work of other translators and I have experience of working on larger translation projects. In addition to legal translation work, I also translate for companies wishing to promote their services to the Polish community. This includes translation of promotional materials and website text into Polish.

Some translation examples:

Translation and voice-over for a Health and Safety video for a major oil company

Translation of a series of articles from English to Polish for an insurance firm for publication in Polish magazines in the UK

Regular translation of birth certificates from Polish to English

Translation of major art and science exhibitions in Gdansk and Warsaw, Poland

Translation of tourist leaflets and literature

Please contact me to discuss your translation requirements.

Art exhibitions materials

Academic papers

Birth certificates

Car insurance documentation

Qualification certificates

Health and Safety regulations

Website translation

Tourist leaflets

Contracts and legal documents


Employee handbooks

Promotional literature, including leaflets and brochures

Internal company documentation

Market research materials (e.g. questionnaires, in-depth interviews, focus group interviews)

Marriage certificates

Press releases

Text for websites

Commercial, public and third sector clients

Areas of experience include: