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Aleksandra  Witkowska
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Polish Consultant

Word Unit provides professional linguistic and cross-cultural marketing support to help you communicate with Polish consumers and service users, whether in Poland or the UK.

New opportunities

Migration within the European Union is now a fact. This creates new challenges to the old systems of values and modes of operating, including ways of marketing and advertising. These changes also mean new opportunities.

To grasp those opportunities, marketing and communication strategies must recognise and encompass cultural differences to overcome possible language and cultural barriers. Failing to do so will result in losing potential markets.

Effective communication means not only speaking the same language, but also understanding the cultural contexts that are meaningful.

It is often surprising to discover that many, apparently quite different cultures, have quite a lot in common. But it takes a good deal of knowledge of the cultures in question to be able to employ those similarities to communicate effectively.

This is where Word Unit can help you. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Bilingual market research:

Primary Research

Assistance in designing market research materials

Conducting In-depth Interviews

Moderating Focus Group Interviews

Writing reports

secondary research

Polish literature review

Areas of experience include: